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I may be bad--

--but I'm perfectly good at it.

Aden Apollo White
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Normal Aden
He is generally nice, if not extremely manipulative to those who he doesn't consider
friends. He likes to have his way, and will often try to work things in his favor. He's
stubborn and a bit childish. However, once someone gets past that self-preserving attitude
he is rather kind. He will give to the people close to him, especially if he can do it
without them knowing. He's a bit of a sap and loves animals. Despite the fact his attitude
would lead people to believe otherwise he's actually rather insecure about many things. This
and his past makes him rather defeatist about his own life; decidedly believing he wont live
past thirty. He can be, provided the other person is of the proper mindset and allowed close
enough, very capable of being loving, affectionate and generous.

Vampire Childe
Aden is far less vicious than the usual vampire provided he's fed and not starving. In his
human life he was a vegetarian and is generally opposed to killing unless he has to.

A vampire of their set isn’t held by the classical urban myths of vampires; they can walk in
the sun, eat garlic, cross rivers and are unaffected by holy water and crosses. Silver, even
flakes of it, is extremely painful and burns the skin. They’re not dead beings either, the
vampiric attributes more like a step in evolution than a fatal curse. Still retaining body
warmth and a heartbeat the only distinguishable physical difference is the sharp canine
teeth for puncturing human flesh. They heal much faster than a normal human, but are not
resistant to skin abrasions such as bruising. They do have a level of super-senses and
reflexes, hearing, sight, taste, touch, speed and strength.

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[Aden is property of me, Thomas Dekker of himself.

Offensive things are likely going to be everywhere in this journal.

Muse and mun are both over 18.]